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The following Disclaimer applies to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Legal Notice
LEGAL NOTICE: The company or product logos included in the collection provided to you are trademarks owned by the respective organizations or companies and are provided as a convenience only for lawful use. TEX INC / Dollar Design Club is selling this collection of corporate logos to you with the specific understanding that you will obtain permission from the logo owner before you begin to sell garments or embroider any design on a garment. Before you sew any corporate logo contained in this collection on any garment you must have obtained written permission from the corporate logo owner prior to sewing - selling the product. 
TEX INC. / Dollar Design Club or its representatives are not liable for any claims or monetary damages due to the lawful or unlawful use of any logos in this collection. The customer is responsible to sew out samples prior to running production.

Making a copy of any TEX INC. Smart Packs / Dollar Design Club artwork or design software is a violation of copyright law. The design software is licensed to the original customer for embroidery use at one location. 
©2001-2021 Tex Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Warning! The use of Mascot Smart Pack / Dollar Design Club logos in connection with any college or university, or any professional sports team, has not been authorized. Therefore, no one may use such logos in connection with a team name, slogan, without the written consent from an authorized representative of the respective institution.


Copyright TEX INC 2021

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